Highs and Lows


Without question a high spot as an illustrator is getting another cover out there. 


My 50th book cover

 This is my 50th book cover and I am thrilled.  🙂  It is for Black Velvet Seductions.  I really enjoy my illustration work; there is an excitement to the tight deadlines but it has its challenges and frustrations too.  This cover came on the back of two other cover projects, one of which got shelved.

Original version of Their Lady Gloriana cover

Above is first version of the cover for Starla’s book.  It hit what was asked for in the design spec but ultimately it was not the cover they wanted.  As a cover I liked it and I hope we will be able to use it for another book at some point.  The other cover project that won’t see the light of day? I liked it  but the publisher certainly didn’t!  I won’t offer you a look at it as it’s not really fair to flag up the other publisher.  Just a shame. 
Well that is what it is to be a freelance illustrator  some days you get the bear, some days the bear gets you…

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