Dedicated follower of fashion

Evelyn's Temptation by Richard Savage

Anyone who knows me, will know the last thing I would ever be is a dedicated follower of fashion.  I think I scrub up ok.  I look ok in a suit and not too bad in a tux, but the thing is you put a monkey in a suit or a tux and he looks ok too!  My usual day to day studio clothes are jeans and a polo shirt sporting some logo or another.  I am a bit heavy duty on jeans as I am never more than a slip of paint away from my jean becoming,  “The Studio Pair”,  but as I tend to forget to put the scruffiest ones on I end up with rather a large number of studio pairs!

The reason for my chuntering on about jeans is that this morning, looking down at my bleach splashed, torn, raggy at the bottom, paint splattered jeans,  I thought what ever happened to the whole concept of buying a brand new pair of jeans and slowly and methodically wearing them out?  When I was buying jeans the other week it struck me that you can buy worn out jeans saving you the hassle of doing it for yourself.  Genius move!  And who are the jeans intended for? Poor down and outs who need a cheap pair of jeans?  Nope!  They are for the middle to high end of the market…  well, I have to say it amused the hell out of me.  If I had come home as a kid with torn jeans my mum would have either patched them or thrown them out.  In fact, Emma and Ken, a couple I was having a drink with the other night told me just that, a friend had her designer slashed jeans sewn up by her grandmother.  It is probably my age but I don’t get the whole idea of buying old distressed clothing. 

While I am on the subject of things I don’t understand and jeans, here’s another…  I realise I do sound like an old fart but what is it with young men not pulling their jeans up to display their pants?   I know Calvin Klein make underpants, but why show them off??  As a kid showing your pants was either a shaming way of making you not forget your games kit, under the threat of having to play in your pants, or it was a an accidental thing that invited someone to give you a “wedgie”  so again I just don’t get it.  I do however invite comments and enlightenment.

4 Responses to “Dedicated follower of fashion”

  1. My sister has paid $120 for a pair of jeans with holes in them. I can’t understand that. I can’t stand to pay $30 for a GOOD pair of jeans.

    • Thanks for writing Tami. It beggars belief that someone would pay that for torn jeans, lol but you have to admire those who can sell them. obviously sale and marketing techniques that would help getting money for old rope and selling deckchairs to eskimos 🙂

      Thanks for all the e-mails on this one, it has been nice to have hit a chord with this post.

  2. Neil Whiteside Says:

    The reason for the latest jeans look is taken from US jails, where prisoners belts are removed so they can’t string themselves up by them. That leaves the jeans hanging down. (Well that was how it was explained to me – I’m an old fart, too!)

  3. Hi Neil thank you for commenting. Very interesting, I had no idea that was the origins of this baggy backside look.. not exactly something to aspire to, yet it explains a lot. As an old fart I also find it perplexing why young white kids (is this politically correct these days to call white kids white? Not being provocative here just not sure of the “PC” nature of this ) but why do white kids put on a mock coloured accent al a Ali G. Having said that Neil, a lot of our contemporary DJ’s of the 70’s and 80’s feigned that “Mid-Atlantic” accent, not that I would suggest either of us did that, but we know many who did. A new generation, a new look when you look at the fashions of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, with the benefit of hind sight, there were equally odd looks. Thank you Neil, it is lovely to hear from you, I hope Radio Fairfield is going well. Just had a look at our team of presenters. I feel a blog coming on.

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