The Tower of London

I think it is true to say that most people don’t take a lot of notice if things of interest that are on your door step and at the age of 49 I thought it was about time to go and see the Tower of London.  A chunk of wanting to go was brought about by seeing the clips below on YouTube, but the rest came from my love of history.   Learning about history had nothing to do with school.  I still have nightmares about some of our teachers.  The English teachers were without doubt the worst… and as a dyslectic many of my driving forces come from the misery inflicted upon me.  It would not take a lot to get me going on this subject so I will leave my bygone abysmal English teachers alone for the moment and address the state of history taught at my school.  I had three years on the Romans.  “What did the Romans ever do for us??”  I am sure it is a very interesting period of time, yet the Romans alone made for a very dull three years.  On the up side I reckon I could still build a fair Roman road, or if not build it I could sure as heck draw it!  After school I discovered joy of history, the Peninsular War of the 1800’s, post Roman, Saxon England, the Plantagenetsthe Tudors, not to mention two world wars and the space race. 

So it was with a keen sense of history, we went to William the Conqueror’s castle, the White Tower.   The Tower of London is….   impressive,  it covers a fair sized area,  must do a seperate blog about it,  so much of our history is tied up there, royal executions, an impressive head count quite literally!  The royal armoury was impressive too,  a statistic that struck me…  the purchase of a suit of armour then is the equivalent of buying a Learjet today… 

Do feel free to read more about the Tower of London  or you could click on the links below they amused the heck out of me!  I put some of this out in a previous newsletter.  I hope you find it entertaining.  The tour is in parts:  one, two, three and four.

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