Happy times? Or rose tinted spectacles?

A recent blog comment sparked this line of thought.   The thought was about my time on hospital and pirate radio.  The guy making the comment was Neil, an old friend from hospital radio.  I remember Neil’s shows well, it was along the same lines of Jack Jackson and Adrian Juste.  Comparing Neil with these two in no way takes anything away anything from him, I loved his shows, I would say he is one of the most talented guys I ever worked with.  You can see pictures of some of my old mates here  and the home page is here.  And this is where you can hear the new Radio Fairfield content on line.   I had about five or six years playing with radio in various forms and I have to say I loved it.   In a less restricted form I was invited to join a pirate radio station and that was a lot of fun.  From time to time the lads threaten to fire up the transmitter and do another show…  but sadly it hasn’t happened..  or at least they didn’t tell me about it…..  my time with New Town Radio was a lot of fun too.  I did look to see if there was an on line presence for NTR  but sadly nothing there.  A great bunch of guys, Richard, Chris, Steve and Rat-nose, were the core of our happy band.  So happy times…..  ohhhhh  yes, such happy memories.

I really wanted to go into full time broadcasting but sadly the BBC seemed to think they could get along just nicely without my help..  but still it is an itch I haven’t fully scratched.

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