Life on the line

What is it with the mobile phone?  I feel a rant coming on… 

Before I start, I am not a Luddite; I do see the benefits of mobile phones.  I see the benefits of being in contact, I think the new Hi-Tec phones are fantastic, handheld internet access, the apps and all the bells and whistles.

That having been said, are we so important that we have to be on call 24/7?  I speak from a rather old fashioned point of view…  I have a rather old mobile phone that people look down on me for when I use it.   It only makes calls, it has no camera, no internet, it is just a phone and I use it to make calls.  Some folk seem to have it permanently stuck to their hand and I find it a little odd and it seems to be getting worse.  There was a man prosecuted for making a phone call while driving, nothing unusual in that, but in his other hand he was texting somebody else.  Absolutely crazy.  A lady who does some cleaning for us, I regularly see texting or making a call while on her bicycle.  In the pub I see people unable to turn the bloody things off, they sit at the bar staring at the little screen, people pass jokes and obscene video clips barely talking.  I have seen people break of a meal to take calls, or text while eating.  I dare say there is a section of people that while sat on the toilet have replaced the traditional paperback book or newspaper with their mobile phone.   Is this just me or is this close to insanity?  Are we so important that we can’t be separated from the rest of the world for an instance?  I would like to propose the motion that we all unplug……  just for a little while…  when down the pub, enjoy a meal and a glass of wine or as radical as this sounds… start a conversation?

3 Responses to “Life on the line”

  1. That motion is seconded. Although I own a smart phone, I recognise that when I use it, I am not giving my full attention to whatever else is going on. My preferred tactic for public phone furtlers is just ignore them, treat them as if they’d done the decent thing and gone outside to do that. Message is soon received.

  2. As an owner of a smart phone I’ve become much more one of those with the device constantly in my hand — and yes — I am one for whom the paperback in the bathroom has been replaced with the smart phone. But this isn’t because I am using it to make calls or to text. Actually I make few calls and text even less.

    The thing is the smart phone has taken over where pda’s left off and I can do way more with my phone than just make calls. With Kindle apps, Audible apps, and a huge variety of other apps I can do much more while in the bathroom than merely talk on the phone. I can actually BUY books from the smart phone. Show me a paperback that lets me do that!

    Like you I am sometimes frustrated by friends and family members who interrupt meals and conversations, sometimes mid-sentence to answer an incoming text. I find this rather rude.

    And yes…I agree…there might be times when it would be good to unplug the phone and simply start a conversation with the people who are present. None of us seem to have any difficulty whatsoever doing that on Twitter or Facebook.

  3. Agreed! I use my phone when I’m on the road, away from home–ONLY! We have a land line, the old dinosaur, I know but we have zero cell service where I live… a blessing in disguise. I have a computer. If I need to chat with someone (emphasis on “need”), I can do it on Skype or Facebook or even Messenger. I echo your sentiments, Richard. Why can’t we simply, look up?

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