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After the Feast

Posted in Art, Erotica on June 23, 2011 by Richard Savage


After the Feast, pencil on Bristol Board

My latest pencil study is “After the Feast”. I have always loved pencil drawings, regardless of subject matter.  As soon as I finish a picture I invariably ask myself the question, “Why don’t I do more pencil work?”   Though to be fair I say the same after a break from watercolour, oils, or for that matter sculpture.  A lot of my life revolves around the idea of not having enough hours in a day to do what I want to do.  At 49 I am sort of resigned to that being the case for the foreseeable future.   “After the Feast” was an idea I came across that just fired me up, I can’t really say exactly why, but it grabbed me as a subject.  When I work the title comes with the inspiration for the work.  The title “After the Feast” came to me from the rather haunting lyrics from an old Eagles track, Hotel California. “In the Master’s chamber, they gather for the feast, they stab it with their steely knives, but they just can’t kill the beast”  the image speaks to me, of people sated from a time of excess, I leave it to the viewer as to what the excess may have been.


Bound to Cast

Posted in Art, Erotica, News on June 23, 2011 by Richard Savage

I have been working on are some new life casts. The idea was to do some bondage casts for the D/s and BDSM market. The impetus was more from the model than myself, if the truth be known, as I was aware of the technical difficulties involved, but her enthusiasm carried me along and it is always interesting to tackle difficult and unusual subjects. It was an interesting session which lasted a weekend. It was largely experimental but we did get some nice casts.

Preparing for to cast

In previous casting sessions I have worked with a substance called alginate which is a seaweed extract, if you have had any dental work done and have needed a cast of your teeth you would have bitten into alginate. We usually use this substance in life casting for its exquisitely fine detail. I have in the past cast with clothing but there is a huge problem when it comes to rope; it sticks like the proverbial to a blanket. I don’t know why it should stick so much but believe me it does. As a consequence to this I elected to use silicone as a moulding compound for these new casts. There are two big drawbacks to using silicone. First, I had never used it before and had no idea of it’s properties and, second, it is devilishly expensive compared to alginate.

Experimenting with silicone and rope

Our model was very patient considering my lack of experience and we blew most of the Saturday morning with only one cast to show for it and that was an alginate cast involving chain rather than rope. The afternoon didn’t get a lot better and I wondered if I was wasting everyone’s time. The Sunday session went a lot better and we got a total of five good casts thanks to my rigger, Rarius, my assistant, Marian, and, of course, our model who asked to remain anonymous. You can see more about casting on my website here.

Advent-urous Artists Day 5

Posted in Advent-urous Artists, Art, Erotica, Reposted on December 5, 2010 by Richard Savage

All in Good Time by Richard Savage

In recent correspondence with a client, the big question came up again, just what is erotic??

As an erotic artist, illustrator and writer, it is a question that has kind of haunted me. I ask you, I really want to know… what is erotic??

To my way of thinking, it is a very individual thing. What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another. It can be arousing but is that erotic?? Or is it one and the same thing?? I would really welcome your input here.

To an extent it is the same question of pornography and art, if that makes sense. My definition of erotic is less about what you see and more about what you think. I suppose that if it is a more explicit image that makes you think, well then, I guess it is erotic. Personally, I prefer more subtle images if I am looking at erotic art but that is not to say I don’t enjoy a naughty peek at more explicit images. I am not moralising either way, for or against porn. I see the two of them as different but that is me, I can’t answer for anyone else.

So, erotic art for me is almost seeing the object of desire, say, a glimpse of knickers you are not supposed to see, a lady with her hand down her knickers, clearly masturbating and yet you can’t really see anything, all you can see is her hand beneath fabric, a half glimpse of erect nipple through a white blouse. I am guessing that I am not on my own, as people buying my work seem to look at things in the same way but, readers here, I would be very keen to hear what your views are?

Check out Rob and Maz’s blog posts for today.  ;o)


Posted in Art, Erotica, News, Writing on November 27, 2010 by Richard Savage

My stand at Erotica in the Guild of Erotic Artists gallery

The exhibition “Erotica 2010” at Olympia, London, has come and gone… There is a feeling of exhaustion and relief that, despite the recession, it went so well.  It was a pleasure to meet up with so many old friends and a real pleasure to make some new ones.   I was a little surprised yet delighted to meet again so many of the newsletter subscribers and folk from various social networking sights like Facebook and Fetlife, who came to the show and came along to say hello. 

Another view of my stand at Erotica

There are several dangers in doing these bigger shows not least of which is not making any money, but there are other like transport problems, general logistical problems, suppliers’ not getting things to us on time and more.  Thankfully this year there were no such problems. 

My team were great this year.  We were the best prepared for the show than we ever have been.  The lady that got us so ready was my assistant, Marian, she really pulled out all the stops and the show went as smooth as silk.  She is a very tolerant lady and she puts up with my bouts of Tourettes style outbursts!  There was an incident last year where I had spent time organising the trolley carrying the stock, tables, etc.  My organisation was immaculate, getting most of the kit on the trolley in a single load.  I was triumphant, congratulating myself on my own organisational abilities.  Unfortunately this fully laden trolley would not fit into the elevator… the language reflected my frustration in a vivid stream of Anglo-Saxon!

The cover of "Spanked" with stories by Richard Savage, Starla Kaye and Cara Bristol

I want to finish this on a high note, the new book “Spanked!” sold well at the show.  🙂  I still find it a little odd to be asked to sign a book but it is lovely to be asked to do it.  🙂

Getting ready for Erotica

Posted in Art, Erotica, News on November 12, 2010 by Richard Savage

Savage Studio stand at Erotica 2008

There is a feeling of anticipation here at the studio for the up and coming exhibition, Erotica 2010, at Olympia, London. The studio is buzzing with new work along with display and promotional bits. It is funny that I get so stressed before a show but as soon as I get there I click into “Let’s do it!” mode. It reminds me a bit of when I used to be a DJ. I never did get over the whole stage fright thing and I was a professional for over seven years. Every show there was that stomach churning “oh my god!!!!” feeling. I liken it to Evel Knievel (if you are not aware of him, he was well known for death defying stunts in the 1970’s). Preparing for a show, it feels a bit like being at the top of the ramp on a motorcycle and there is no place to go but down the ramp! Very occasionally I still do a disco and I still feel the same and it is the same feeling for the exhibitions, though maybe for different reasons. You are very exposed, your artwork is out there for all to see, you are judged as your art is judged. You hear the folk comment as they pass by. Your heart and confidence rise as people look at your work and like what they see only to sink again on the first disparaging remark. It is all down to personal taste at the end of the day, not everyone will like everything. As a DJ, if they don’t like the music you console yourself with “I only play it, I don’t make the records,” but as an artist, you are well and truly in the frame.

So what is taking all the time? We have been doing these shows for a few years now and each time we get more and more organised.  I can hear Colin Ballard from the Guild of Erotic Artists chuckling as I type this… I would like to think that we are pretty organised but it is the little touches like adding the studio logo to the signage, organising the prints a little better in the browsers. They are only small things really but it should help people find pictures a little easier. On the whole I think it looks a lot slicker. We are even planning on a dry run here at the studio tonight, so we are not taking display stuff we don’t need. There is a feeling here with my team that this will be my best organised show ever.  🙂  It always feels like a dash to the finish line but this year I have a really strong feeling about how good it is going to be. It is great to see our friends in the Guild and friends old and new. Can’t wait to get there and get started. And so it is with a sense of anticipation I am looking forward to Erotica 2010 but well, feeling a tad nervous too. What I hope for is meeting up with the folk who normally come along to say hello as well as meeting new people too. If you are coming along to the show, please do come and say hello and pick up one of the giveaways I’ll have on offer.


Posted in Erotica, News with tags , on October 14, 2010 by Richard Savage

I am once again thrilled to be exhibiting at Erotica 2010 again this year.  It’s five weeks to the show and there’s lots to be doing in the run up to it!  I have new work I will be exhibiting, both originals and prints, as well as my latest story in print in a new paperback anthology (more on this later this week!).  The fabulous Dita von Teese is headlining the Erotica stage show with the UK premiere performance of her new show The Opium Den.  There’s loads to see and do at Erotica and I’m always delighted meet people, come and visit me in The Guild of Erotic Artists art gallery section.  I’ll have a variety of special offers at the show too so don’t miss out!