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Life on the line

Posted in Miscellaneous, Odd rants on August 29, 2011 by Richard Savage

What is it with the mobile phone?  I feel a rant coming on… 

Before I start, I am not a Luddite; I do see the benefits of mobile phones.  I see the benefits of being in contact, I think the new Hi-Tec phones are fantastic, handheld internet access, the apps and all the bells and whistles.

That having been said, are we so important that we have to be on call 24/7?  I speak from a rather old fashioned point of view…  I have a rather old mobile phone that people look down on me for when I use it.   It only makes calls, it has no camera, no internet, it is just a phone and I use it to make calls.  Some folk seem to have it permanently stuck to their hand and I find it a little odd and it seems to be getting worse.  There was a man prosecuted for making a phone call while driving, nothing unusual in that, but in his other hand he was texting somebody else.  Absolutely crazy.  A lady who does some cleaning for us, I regularly see texting or making a call while on her bicycle.  In the pub I see people unable to turn the bloody things off, they sit at the bar staring at the little screen, people pass jokes and obscene video clips barely talking.  I have seen people break of a meal to take calls, or text while eating.  I dare say there is a section of people that while sat on the toilet have replaced the traditional paperback book or newspaper with their mobile phone.   Is this just me or is this close to insanity?  Are we so important that we can’t be separated from the rest of the world for an instance?  I would like to propose the motion that we all unplug……  just for a little while…  when down the pub, enjoy a meal and a glass of wine or as radical as this sounds… start a conversation?

Dedicated follower of fashion

Posted in Miscellaneous, Odd rants on July 10, 2011 by Richard Savage

Evelyn's Temptation by Richard Savage

Anyone who knows me, will know the last thing I would ever be is a dedicated follower of fashion.  I think I scrub up ok.  I look ok in a suit and not too bad in a tux, but the thing is you put a monkey in a suit or a tux and he looks ok too!  My usual day to day studio clothes are jeans and a polo shirt sporting some logo or another.  I am a bit heavy duty on jeans as I am never more than a slip of paint away from my jean becoming,  “The Studio Pair”,  but as I tend to forget to put the scruffiest ones on I end up with rather a large number of studio pairs!

The reason for my chuntering on about jeans is that this morning, looking down at my bleach splashed, torn, raggy at the bottom, paint splattered jeans,  I thought what ever happened to the whole concept of buying a brand new pair of jeans and slowly and methodically wearing them out?  When I was buying jeans the other week it struck me that you can buy worn out jeans saving you the hassle of doing it for yourself.  Genius move!  And who are the jeans intended for? Poor down and outs who need a cheap pair of jeans?  Nope!  They are for the middle to high end of the market…  well, I have to say it amused the hell out of me.  If I had come home as a kid with torn jeans my mum would have either patched them or thrown them out.  In fact, Emma and Ken, a couple I was having a drink with the other night told me just that, a friend had her designer slashed jeans sewn up by her grandmother.  It is probably my age but I don’t get the whole idea of buying old distressed clothing. 

While I am on the subject of things I don’t understand and jeans, here’s another…  I realise I do sound like an old fart but what is it with young men not pulling their jeans up to display their pants?   I know Calvin Klein make underpants, but why show them off??  As a kid showing your pants was either a shaming way of making you not forget your games kit, under the threat of having to play in your pants, or it was a an accidental thing that invited someone to give you a “wedgie”  so again I just don’t get it.  I do however invite comments and enlightenment.

What is it with creative people and publicity?

Posted in Art, Odd rants on June 10, 2011 by Richard Savage

This is a topic I have talked about quite a bit over the years, I think I have blogged about it before too but I want to talk about it again!  🙂  

There are two points I would like to talk about,  both applicable in the writing and art worlds, but it really makes a difference in any area if you have something to promote.   In writing, I cover this subject quite a bit with my friend, and CEO of Black Velvet Seductions, Laurie Sanders.  It struck both of us that a writer will spend a number of months, maybe even years, writing a book or story.  Once written some writers resent spending a minute promoting the book!  I just don’t understand; I have four stories in print and I am still as keen to promote them as I was when the first was published five years ago.  It’s a given! 

In art, which is the reason for this post really, the subject of artists and publicity.  Before I start, I have to say, I am equally guilty!   Publicity is not something that comes easily to creatives for some reason.  Maybe it’s English thing?  I don’t know.  I would love to hear your views on this.  It might be that artists feel it is in some way “showing off”,  there can be issues of confidence and self-doubt too, but surely if you have gone to the trouble of putting an exhibition together you would like a few people to come along to have a look…??   

Publicity!  If you have ever been on a marketing course you will know it takes at least three hits for anyone to take any notice of you or your work.  Two artists I know have exhibitions starting this week, one’s exhibition opened last Monday, he told me about it Monday evening.  The other opens tonight and I receive the poster today with a message asking me to promote it as much as I can.  He didn’t even send me the poster himself,  it was sent by a mutual friend.   Do we really think that people are clairvoyant?  

Artists!  Writers!  Be proud!  Believe in your work.  Stand up straight  and promote, share your gifts with the world!


Posted in Miscellaneous, Odd rants on May 18, 2011 by Richard Savage

Work-a-holic that I am, before continuing with the current novel, as I sat in the dentist’s waiting room this morning, a few thoughts popped into my head on the subject of dentists.

Teeth are an emotive subject.  Mention the subject of teeth and you will get people either sucking in breath or telling you their horror stories of dentists past and present.  I have had my fair share of dental stories.  People reminisce over the days of free dental service as it was in the UK up until a few years ago.  It is now heavily subsidised but the idea of cheap dentistry puts a shiver down my spine.  My dental hassles came from that time.  A dentist was paid for the number of holes drilled, relying on professional integrity that holes were not drilled unnecessarily.   Hmmmmm,  just not convinced that faced with the dilemma “shall I make more money or shall I do the right thing” they would actually DO the right thing, certainly my teeth are testimony to that.  From the early 80’s I have been going privately and I have had a succession of top notch dentists, although I feel I should mention the price…  there was a time when it seemed fair value, over the last two years I have started to suspect my dentist has put a down payment on a Ferrari and I am picking up the tab!

I am always keen to hear your thoughts on any subject…  although do feel free to keep any dental horror stories to yourself….  at least until I have had my tooth crowned!  🙂

I-m not sure I get it…

Posted in Odd rants on May 1, 2011 by Richard Savage

This whole fad for i… i-Phones, i-Pads, i-Books, i-Pods……… well, they are sold to us as the greatest thing since sliced bread, but I have serious doubts. First, I come from a background of PC’s. I bought my first IBM compatible back in the late 80’s and never looked back. I have had a series of newer PCs, every few years. I would be the first to say that Microsoft products frustrate the heck out of me and that PC’s are really very annoying. You only have to think of the last time you saw the blue screen of death and the inevitable re-boot which will cost you your morning’s work. Every now and again I toy with the idea of Mac. It is supposed to handle graphics better. It is supposed to be a virus free environment. It is supposed to be quicker and more hassle free. I saw an i-Pad the other day and thought that’s neat, it looked great fun to play with. Part of my work is as a graphics designer and I am told all pro graphics designers use Mac… I was also told by a guy at an exhibition not that long ago that “You would have to be mental not to have a Mac, as only imbeciles still used PC’s”. So why is it I am so sceptical? For my main work it would mean buying new software but that in itself doesn’t worry me that much…. IF I thought it would work seamlessly with the all the work I do. Ok so here is the rub, why don’t I switch? Well I bought an i-Pod. It is supposed to be a nifty piece of kit; everybody tells me to. First hurdle…. I did need it explaining to me, how the menu system works. Ok, so I am a bit thick… then I want to import my music and audio book libraries. The interface with i-Tunes is a bit lumbering and not all my books would download onto the i-Pod, don’t ask me why,  maybe it just had the hump that day.. oh yes, and every other day I tried to down load them! I am at the point of one last try before it ends up in my desk drawer along with the growing collection of gadgets that are supposed to be brilliant, that actually turn out to be not that great. I had three days holiday recently and I load in my latest audio book purchase, Stieg Larsson’s third book in the Millennium series, “The Girl that Kicked the Hornet’s Nest”, so I can listen to it in the bath, gym, walks, etc. I listened up to the 11th segment on the first day of the holiday and then my i-Pod went into a self diagnostic mode till the battery died…… fantastic!  So, my reasoning goes… if i-technology is really that good, why do I think it is a pile of crap? Now in the name of fair play I would love to be proved wrong and if someone from the Mac organisation would like me to road test some products I would gladly give more honest views, but until that happens I am feeling less than inclined to change my ways….. as always I am happy to hear your views!  🙂