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To spank or not to spank…

Posted in Art, book covers, illustration, News, Writing on August 25, 2011 by Richard Savage

….that is the question! 

It is funny the conversations you can have when you are not expecting them.  A day or so ago the Black Velvet Seductions CEO, Laurie Sanders, were talking on the subject of book covers.  One of her new writers, Nadia Nautalia, is in the process of writing a series of romantic erotic short stories, on the subject of domestic discipline with a western theme.  We talked generally about the subject, apparently cowboys are hot but so are a lot of other types…policemen…business men…  the cover we discussed will be a generic cover for the whole series and I will share it with you as soon as it is drawn 

The conversation progressed and Laurie told me she is looking for high quality domestic discipline, short stories with a STRONG ROMANTIC FOCUS.  I emphasise romance as she publishes erotic romance.  The word count should be 3,500 words and above.  Think in terms of your hero being a powerful man, cowboys, policemen, business men, who spank their wives or girlfriends. Spankings should in the end benefit the relationship in some way.

I mention this as I know there are romance writers that follow me here and it would be a great opportunity for you if you are wanting to get your work out there. If you have a domestic discipline story in you, contact Laurie.


Blogging all over the world

Posted in News, Writing on June 22, 2011 by Richard Savage

I can almost hear the repetitive chords of the veteran rockers, Status Quo, as I type this.  A double irony as I am not a massive fan of the group or totally comfortable with blogging.  As I have whittled on about, on more than one occasion, I am kind of struck by the thought “why would anyone be interested in my thoughts on any subject?”  Yet I do get some very kind thoughtful e-mails and responses, for which I am truly grateful.  I have been invited to be a guest blogger a number of times this year, most recent of which is today on Starla Kaye’s blog.  It is interesting to blog for someone else and of course the ripples of that blog spiral out and you get all kinds of responses long after the blog has been published.  I am due to embark on a blog book tour, promoting my four stories for Black Velvet Seductions.  As writing is rather a solitary thing it is rather nice to have direct contact with readers, hearing exactly what they think of your work, be it good or not.  Thankfully the response has been good, but I am always aware that my writing might not to be everyone’s taste.  I did read a review on Amazon the other day that read “Richard Savage defines the word erotica.” I was rather chuffed to read that.  The reviewer did make the comment about the depth of characterisation, it is a fair point.  The story was only intended as a short story, a follow up to my contribution in “The Crimson Z” but  all in all I am very proud of the story “Temporally Yours” as a standalone story.

More about the blog book tour nearer the time; as there will be opportunities to win copies of the books


The Paranormal and Me

Posted in Art, Miscellaneous, Writing on April 11, 2011 by Richard Savage

Over on the Black Velvet Seductions blog this Thursday and Friday I will be blogging about my paranormal experiences and the effect they have had on my work, both art and writing.  This is part of my blog on the subject:

The Paranormal and Me

by artist and author Richard Savage

I have always been fascinated by the paranormal and the occult.  To quote William Shakespeare from Hamlet, “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”  I am not sure about that, I bet there is a lot of weird stuff that is dreamt up, some of which has fueled my art and writing. 

There have been quite a few things that I have experienced that I have not been able to explain, first of all, spiritualists.  I have seen four spiritualists – mediums, call them what you will.  Let me say first I went into this with a skeptical outlook.  I expected confidence tricksters and charlatans.  The first was a one on one session and it was uncanny, he was an elderly guy, who put me at my ease, it was a conversation in which he told me of things he could not possibly have known.  He mentioned a friend, whom I had lost in a vehicle accident, by name.  He mentioned things that seemed to make a lot of what I felt about my life make sense.  I have always had an affinity with the air and he made the claim that I had a previous incarnation as a First World War flyer.   As I say, it made a kind of sense to me but even so it still had a half-baked quality to it, if you said it out loud.  On the strength of seeing this first guy, a couple of years later I wanted to repeat the experience.  The next two spiritualists were, how can I put this, real con merchants.  It was like a fishing expedition on both occasions.  “I feel a presence in the room…  does anyone here know a John that may or may not have passed to the other side?”  Give me a break…. On both occasions the spiritualists had a go at looking for the gullible and vulnerable in the audience.  Nothing good came from either of those two experiences and furthermore it made me doubt the validity of the first one.  There was a gap between these events and the next one.  In the mean time I changed career paths from an entertainer to that of a pub-restaurant owner.  Events happened there that made me reconsider the nature of spirits and the like…….

To read the rest of the piece visit the BVS blog on Thursday

Patience for writers

Posted in Writing on January 30, 2011 by Richard Savage

All in Good Time by Richard Savage


A friend of mine posted on a writer’s forum…

Tami: How do you gain patience? Because waiting for my acceptance is KILLING me.

It made me think and want to respond.  By nature, I am a want it all now kind of guy but I think it kind of goes with the job, I first started submitting work to publishers in the late 1970’s.  Back then it started with you sending in your manuscript and if you was lucky you got an acknowledgement and then the wait…  I waited well over six months for a standard “don’t give up your day job” letter.  I totally understand the frustration, the anticipation is murder. 

I have to tell you my experience as a published author requires no less patience.  Once you have your manuscript approved there are the rounds of edits.  I usually have 5-6 jobs on the go at any one point.  Currently a work of fiction, my fifth story, a non-fiction project and four art projects.  It helps with lack of patience as you can distract yourself in other work.  The non-fiction book has been about a year and a half in the editing process.  It is frustrating, but I am in line and I get my edits, but it promotes patience. 

If it helps I think I can give a little insight into the publisher’s point of view.  I have, for many years, worked with Laurie Sanders, editor and CEO of Black Velvet Seductions.  She usually has at least 5-6 books in production at any one time and an avalanche of 1000+ e-mails every day, together with submissions by snail mail.  The work load is crippling.  I know one of her bugbears is authors pestering for news on their submissions and/or edits.  I know she tries to be fair with the time she spends with each writer.  So, if it does feel like a long time, a publisher’s work load is a large one.  It is always good to peek over the fence and see the other side.

Advent-urous Artists Day 13

Posted in Advent-urous Artists, Reposted, Writing on December 13, 2010 by Richard Savage

A dedication to writing? Or obsessive compulsive disorder?

My doctor told me I have a type one personality, I had no idea what that was, had to look it up. Apparently I have a “go getter”, driven personality. I had never really stopped to think, or even considered it, I just do what I do.

I was chatting to my friend and editor, Laurie Sanders, the other day, and came to the conclusion that to a great extent we are work-o-holics, I suspect most driven people are. I rarely take a day off from writing, painting or drawing. I love what I do and consider myself to be very fortunate. I heard an interview with Stephen King, who said something to the effect that he writes every day except Thanksgiving and Christmas Day and then later in the interview said that he didn’t want to sound obsessed but he did write on those two days too. It made me smile and I said to Laurie I didn’t see anything wrong with it. Laurie knows I usually take my little laptop with me and that I will sit in cafés, or in the car, dentist’s reception, anywhere in fact, writing or doing my edits. The only thing I have to be careful about is the erotic content if kids are around. If there are just adults, I figure it serves them right for being nosey! I take the laptop on holiday, to the irritation of my long suffering wife, but it is who I am, it is what I do. I don’t think Laurie was too surprised when I told her that I took my PDA, which will do at a push for writing if I am going somewhere where the laptop is just too much, with me when I had a hospital procedure earlier this year. There I was on a hospital gurney, waiting, why not do a bit of writing? It seemed perfectly logical to me. Mind you, I did get some funny looks from hospital staff, others just lay there. It made perfect sense to me to get on with a bit of work rather than dwelling on the procedure. Laurie found it rather amusing, I think.

I love what I do.

Advent-urous Artists Day 11

Posted in Advent-urous Artists, Art, Writing on December 11, 2010 by Richard Savage

The Last Dance by Richard Savage

It is funny, you write a story, you promote the story and while you are promoting the story you start writing the next.  Your story, when writing it, means everything to you, it is so deeply personal and yet a couple of years after it is in print and you are working on your fifth story the first story is something of a distant memory. Well, that was how it was for me with the story “The Anniversary”.  It is a story that, for what is basically a romance, deals with some pretty strong emotional subject matter.
When the book was released from Black Velvet Seductions  I received some complimentary reviews. Over the following couple of years I have had a few comments. Then I received this:

Richard, I don’t know if you will see my comments here, but I just had to say that I just read The Anniversary and I bawled liked a baby at the end. I have read several BDSM type stories, but they don’t hold a riding crop to your story here. Great action between Peter and Evelyn, for sure but to be expected in a BDSM story. But then you mixed the subgenre up by adding James, so vanilla he couldn’t tie a decent knot when he tried. That doesn’t matter one iota because his love for Evelyn is just as real and consuming as Peter’s was for her. Evelyn is a great conflicted heroine. When she gets in her car after leaving Peter, well, I lost it just as she did. Who knew that a BDSM story could be hot and touching at the same time. Thanks for a great story.

What a lovely thing to say, I found myself reliving some of the things that produced the emotions I drew on when I first wrote the story.  What surprised me most was how deeply it touched me again.  My current work in progress “The Trainer” is also very emotionally charged and deals with deep relationship issues with in a D/s marriage. Just kind of made me wonder how long the feelings would last for the current story, I guess time will tell.

See what Rob and Maz are up to on their blogs today.

Advent-urous Day 10

Posted in Advent-urous Artists, Writing on December 10, 2010 by Richard Savage

Cover of Temporally Yours and The Key by Richard Savage

My teachers were very influential, some more so than others.  There are a couple who were very influential and who have been beacons, not because we talked much about the way to live or make decisions or anything but more because of the kind of people they were.  They modelled bahaviour that I try very hard to emulate.  Good teachers are GREAT!  Bad teachers… not so great although they can sometimes make you angry enough to want to surpass their expectations of you. 

Yes, that was my experience, I wish I could meet up with a couple of English teachers who gave me shit at school!  I would be glad to share my views of the standard of teaching in the 70s with them although I could never be bothered enough to go hunting for them.  It would be great for a story plot though…aggrieved student seeks out old teacher, ties him up, tears up copies of his published books and makes his teacher eat his words….

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