Dedicated follower of fashion

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Evelyn's Temptation by Richard Savage

Anyone who knows me, will know the last thing I would ever be is a dedicated follower of fashion.  I think I scrub up ok.  I look ok in a suit and not too bad in a tux, but the thing is you put a monkey in a suit or a tux and he looks ok too!  My usual day to day studio clothes are jeans and a polo shirt sporting some logo or another.  I am a bit heavy duty on jeans as I am never more than a slip of paint away from my jean becoming,  “The Studio Pair”,  but as I tend to forget to put the scruffiest ones on I end up with rather a large number of studio pairs!

The reason for my chuntering on about jeans is that this morning, looking down at my bleach splashed, torn, raggy at the bottom, paint splattered jeans,  I thought what ever happened to the whole concept of buying a brand new pair of jeans and slowly and methodically wearing them out?  When I was buying jeans the other week it struck me that you can buy worn out jeans saving you the hassle of doing it for yourself.  Genius move!  And who are the jeans intended for? Poor down and outs who need a cheap pair of jeans?  Nope!  They are for the middle to high end of the market…  well, I have to say it amused the hell out of me.  If I had come home as a kid with torn jeans my mum would have either patched them or thrown them out.  In fact, Emma and Ken, a couple I was having a drink with the other night told me just that, a friend had her designer slashed jeans sewn up by her grandmother.  It is probably my age but I don’t get the whole idea of buying old distressed clothing. 

While I am on the subject of things I don’t understand and jeans, here’s another…  I realise I do sound like an old fart but what is it with young men not pulling their jeans up to display their pants?   I know Calvin Klein make underpants, but why show them off??  As a kid showing your pants was either a shaming way of making you not forget your games kit, under the threat of having to play in your pants, or it was a an accidental thing that invited someone to give you a “wedgie”  so again I just don’t get it.  I do however invite comments and enlightenment.


After the Feast

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After the Feast, pencil on Bristol Board

My latest pencil study is “After the Feast”. I have always loved pencil drawings, regardless of subject matter.  As soon as I finish a picture I invariably ask myself the question, “Why don’t I do more pencil work?”   Though to be fair I say the same after a break from watercolour, oils, or for that matter sculpture.  A lot of my life revolves around the idea of not having enough hours in a day to do what I want to do.  At 49 I am sort of resigned to that being the case for the foreseeable future.   “After the Feast” was an idea I came across that just fired me up, I can’t really say exactly why, but it grabbed me as a subject.  When I work the title comes with the inspiration for the work.  The title “After the Feast” came to me from the rather haunting lyrics from an old Eagles track, Hotel California. “In the Master’s chamber, they gather for the feast, they stab it with their steely knives, but they just can’t kill the beast”  the image speaks to me, of people sated from a time of excess, I leave it to the viewer as to what the excess may have been.


Blogs are like buses, you don’t get one for ages then a stack come along together…

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I know I don’t blog as often as I should.  But is it a bad thing?  I do wonder if I witter on, or should it be twitter on, a bit too much.  I have never been much of a diary writer, I much prefer doing things than retrospectively writing about things that I have done.  I guess the main thing is I don’t find myself that interesting.  It has always struck me that I am a bit boring, being rather obsessed by both art and writing.  I do other things of course, I love fiddling with my Bonsai trees, of which I have about thirty mainly deciduous English oak, ash, chestnut and sycamore.  I also love to cook, but nothing quite grips me like art and writing.  So is being obsessed a bad thing?  I don’t know….  It is, at least, who I am….

How far does the apple fall from the tree?

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I have had this piece in mind for ages, just waiting for the right available time slot to make it happen.  This was a lightning piece for me, the sculpting process took about five days from start to finish.   I first saw an image like this on the HBO TV series The Sopranos.  There was a monkey holding a human skull.  The idea of the monkey looking at the scull, wondering if there was a connection really captivated my imagination.  In looking for source material I found a number of artists have felt the same.  I did wonder if I should proceed as the path was not a new one, but on reflection this is my take and it was modelled freehand without using reference material from other artist’s work.  The sculpture for me is not the last part of the process in this case, I want to work on a mould so I can reproduce the figure in either cold cast bronze or stone, maybe marble.


Looking at the question, how far does the apple fall from the tree?  Well as a person watcher, I look into the bars and cafés and see fans at football matches and come to the conclusion that we are closer to our primate roots than we might like to think.  To quote W.S. Gilbert, “Darwinian man, though well behaved, at best is only a monkey shaved.”


Art about town

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Over the last 6-7 years I have been working on projects for the town.  The initial idea came about when our town entered the “Anglia in Bloom” competition. Essentially it is a flower show, but there are a number of elements that make a difference to the town’s final result.  One of the things is the town being involved with community groups and societies.  My involvement started when I was asked to help brighten the facades of derelict buildings along the judge’s route. They are rather comical subjects designed to raise a smile. 


The essence is life sized rather cartoon like characters. This year we have revamped two of the oldest shop fronts, that were looking rather shabby.  I was also asked for a new display board.  The idea for this is to be put up at the town’s historical festival and people can have their photographs taken with it.  There must be a name for these things but I have no idea that they are.  When I have tried to talk about the problem I have made a rather elongated description; “it is one of those things people stand behind at the fairground”.  Seriously if you know what they are called do let me know.  

"One of those things you stand behind at the fairground!"

It is rather fun being involved with these larger projects as it is something rather different, last year’s project was massive, by far the largest surface area I have been involved with in a single project. It spanned approximately 80 feet in length.  They are fun things to do but there is always a feeling of relief when they are completed and out of the studio.

In situ

All the panels shown together


Bound to Cast

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I have been working on are some new life casts. The idea was to do some bondage casts for the D/s and BDSM market. The impetus was more from the model than myself, if the truth be known, as I was aware of the technical difficulties involved, but her enthusiasm carried me along and it is always interesting to tackle difficult and unusual subjects. It was an interesting session which lasted a weekend. It was largely experimental but we did get some nice casts.

Preparing for to cast

In previous casting sessions I have worked with a substance called alginate which is a seaweed extract, if you have had any dental work done and have needed a cast of your teeth you would have bitten into alginate. We usually use this substance in life casting for its exquisitely fine detail. I have in the past cast with clothing but there is a huge problem when it comes to rope; it sticks like the proverbial to a blanket. I don’t know why it should stick so much but believe me it does. As a consequence to this I elected to use silicone as a moulding compound for these new casts. There are two big drawbacks to using silicone. First, I had never used it before and had no idea of it’s properties and, second, it is devilishly expensive compared to alginate.

Experimenting with silicone and rope

Our model was very patient considering my lack of experience and we blew most of the Saturday morning with only one cast to show for it and that was an alginate cast involving chain rather than rope. The afternoon didn’t get a lot better and I wondered if I was wasting everyone’s time. The Sunday session went a lot better and we got a total of five good casts thanks to my rigger, Rarius, my assistant, Marian, and, of course, our model who asked to remain anonymous. You can see more about casting on my website here.

Blogging all over the world

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I can almost hear the repetitive chords of the veteran rockers, Status Quo, as I type this.  A double irony as I am not a massive fan of the group or totally comfortable with blogging.  As I have whittled on about, on more than one occasion, I am kind of struck by the thought “why would anyone be interested in my thoughts on any subject?”  Yet I do get some very kind thoughtful e-mails and responses, for which I am truly grateful.  I have been invited to be a guest blogger a number of times this year, most recent of which is today on Starla Kaye’s blog.  It is interesting to blog for someone else and of course the ripples of that blog spiral out and you get all kinds of responses long after the blog has been published.  I am due to embark on a blog book tour, promoting my four stories for Black Velvet Seductions.  As writing is rather a solitary thing it is rather nice to have direct contact with readers, hearing exactly what they think of your work, be it good or not.  Thankfully the response has been good, but I am always aware that my writing might not to be everyone’s taste.  I did read a review on Amazon the other day that read “Richard Savage defines the word erotica.” I was rather chuffed to read that.  The reviewer did make the comment about the depth of characterisation, it is a fair point.  The story was only intended as a short story, a follow up to my contribution in “The Crimson Z” but  all in all I am very proud of the story “Temporally Yours” as a standalone story.

More about the blog book tour nearer the time; as there will be opportunities to win copies of the books